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G4 is no more

Plants vs. Zombies iOS update

The League Season 4 air date announced

Harmontown Podcast

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Half Life 3 at Gamescom???

Plants vs. Zombies 2 and fake YouTube video

Final Fantasy VII for PC

Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Intro Music: Han Solo by mc chris

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Grid 2 Release Date

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve Adding Non-Game Software to Steam

SWTOR Going Free To Play

Futurama Pedia Podcast

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Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad

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Ever wanted to know what it’s like to make meth?

Love Breaking Bad?

Love gaming?

Then check out the newest version of Cooking Mama, the Breaking Bad edition. Hopefully it won’t be “temporarily unavailable” like it was last time I tried to play.

The Preferred Nerd – MiniCast 1

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The Humble Music Bundle

Worms Revolution Release Date

Caustic Soda – The Podcast

Warning: This post contains content some people may consider a “spoiler”.

This weekend I did something I don’t normally do, I went to the cinema to see a movie. Something that is so uncommon, the last movie I saw at one was Horrible Bosses, which I thought was really funny, but pretty shallow beyond that. Yesterday I saw Chronicle, a Sci-Fi/Thriller about three high school students who develop super powers through mysterious circumstances.

The movie takes place through cameras that are already present in the world. In other words, the actors are aware they are being filmed. The main character, Andrew, is chronicling his life (no lie, I just figured out how they got the title of the movie), carrying his camera with him everywhere he goes. This works well because his telekinesis allows him to make the camera float around when all three boys are onscreen. At other times cell phone cameras, security cameras and police helicopter cameras are also used. It’s a technique that isn’t used very often is movies, as a matter of fact I never seen another movie that did it, but I’m sure there have been some.

I only have two problems with the movie. The first is that they don’t really explain where the powers came from. It shows the boys going through a cave underground and finding this glowing boulder, then later going back and being unable to access it again. However they never said what the boulder was, where it came from or how they got their powers from it.

My second issue was with the ending. They don’t say what happens with Andrew’s cousin, Matt. They kinda wrap up the movie with him at the end but don’t show any aftermath from the movie’s climax or what he does moving forward with his powers. I’d like to know if he returned to face the consequences of the climax or went into seclusion.

It takes a little while to get going, but once it does, it’s good. I enjoyed it enough to recommend as a solid Sci-Fi/Thriller. I’d probably go see it again for the matinee price.

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Next Gen Xbox chipset being produced, likely release in late 2013
Resident Evil 6 announced
ESA drops SOPA support
Zynga’s paid $300 per new user in the past nine months
Rumor: Microsoft phasing out MS points
No BlizzCon this year
Blizzard investigating product placement in next MMO
Dane Cook’s triumphant return to stand-up comedy

New releases:
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Soul Calibur V