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G4 is no more

Plants vs. Zombies iOS update

The League Season 4 air date announced

Harmontown Podcast


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Half Life 3 at Gamescom???

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Warning: This post contains content some people may consider a “spoiler”.

This weekend I did something I don’t normally do, I went to the cinema to see a movie. Something that is so uncommon, the last movie I saw at one was Horrible Bosses, which I thought was really funny, but pretty shallow beyond that. Yesterday I saw Chronicle, a Sci-Fi/Thriller about three high school students who develop super powers through mysterious circumstances.

The movie takes place through cameras that are already present in the world. In other words, the actors are aware they are being filmed. The main character, Andrew, is chronicling his life (no lie, I just figured out how they got the title of the movie), carrying his camera with him everywhere he goes. This works well because his telekinesis allows him to make the camera float around when all three boys are onscreen. At other times cell phone cameras, security cameras and police helicopter cameras are also used. It’s a technique that isn’t used very often is movies, as a matter of fact I never seen another movie that did it, but I’m sure there have been some.

I only have two problems with the movie. The first is that they don’t really explain where the powers came from. It shows the boys going through a cave underground and finding this glowing boulder, then later going back and being unable to access it again. However they never said what the boulder was, where it came from or how they got their powers from it.

My second issue was with the ending. They don’t say what happens with Andrew’s cousin, Matt. They kinda wrap up the movie with him at the end but don’t show any aftermath from the movie’s climax or what he does moving forward with his powers. I’d like to know if he returned to face the consequences of the climax or went into seclusion.

It takes a little while to get going, but once it does, it’s good. I enjoyed it enough to recommend as a solid Sci-Fi/Thriller. I’d probably go see it again for the matinee price.

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The Preferred Nerd Podcast – Episode 12

Posted: January 5, 2012 by diablo343 in Podcast
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Sony, Nintendo, and EA drop support for SOPA
Valve says all Half Life 3 rumors/ARG/leaks are just fans trolling each other
Microsoft removing “gun-like” avatar items
Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 slipped and quickly removed
PS Vita Japanese sales off to a rocky start
Penny Arcade/Avenger controller Internet drama
Vox hires gaming journalists for new site

This and next week’s new releases:
Gotham City ImpostorsWas delayed the day after we recorded
NFL Blitz

Late last night my phone let me know I had an update to one of my favorite iOS games, Where’s My Water?. The update adds 20 more levels and adds a new gameplay element, balloons.

Balloons can be filled with any of the fluid types and allows water to travel over small gaps and past moss. I really love that they are frequently adding content to a game that only costs 99 cents. The game was released around September and they’ve added 20 more levels three times. Talk about bang for your buck.

Where’s My Water is available for both iOS and Android and could easily be worth more then $.99.

Music Spotlight – Ceann

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You’re the worst pirate, the worst pirate in the world. ‘Cause you’re a girl.

Pronounced “Key-Anne”, this American, Celtic rock group may first be confused for simply drinking music, but when you spend more time with their music you find some hidden nerdy subjects in there as well.  Mostly focusing on drinking, they also expand into pirates, vikings, terrorists and relationships of all kinds.I first became interested in Ceann back in the later days of MySpace. They requested my friendship based on some of the bands I was interested in, such as Cake, They Might Be Giants and The Barenaked Ladies.

Unfortunately for any new fans, the band is no longer together. On February 1, 2011, lead singer Patrick Halloran was killed in a car accident in Vermont and their website, now goes to a placeholder link.

If you’re interested in checking them out, I would recommend the songs: Pretty on the Inside, McGranahan’s Wife and Star of the County Down. They have three albums; Making Friends, Almost Irish and Rave, Rant, Lose Pants. Their later stuff, Making Friends, is a little better then the earlier albums.

The news is the news, but the dance goes on forever.

One thing I really like in music is good storytelling, this is one place where Jonathan Coulton is second to none.  His subject matter, once again, ranges from zombies to Pluto to the Presidents to robots.  But most of his songs tell an entire story from beginning to end.  Take Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance. Soterios Johnson is an actual local NPR broadcaster in New York City. In Coulton’s song, he imagines an alternate universe where Johnson works as a radio announcer during the day and spends every night dancing and partying in night clubs.  The song ends with another local NPR talent, this time from Philadelphia, named Terry Gross, joining him on the dance floor.

His most popular song is probably a cover he did of Baby Got Back which was part of the now 5 year old Thing A Week project. Coulton, who at the time was working as a computer programmer, quit his job to focus on his music career. He began a “podcast” in which he would record one song every week for a year and release it for free. Most of these songs were original recordings with a few remixes, covers and mash-ups mixed in. At a time where the music industry was struggling, he found a way to reach his fans and stay afloat during a tough time. All these songs can still be downloaded for free through iTunes. In addition to this, he also wrote the songs that appear at the end of Portal and Portal 2, two games that you are a fool if you haven’t played.

Early on my favorite Coulton songs were Re Your Brains and Chiron Beta Prime, but since experiencing more of his work, I’ve added a lot more as my favorites. Want You Gone, I’m Your Moon, Mr. Fancy Pants, Not About You, Artificial Heart… There, that’s a nice start.

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