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Whether you’re amused by the next-level gaming concept of Railworks Train Simulator 12, ridiculously over the top “no scope” Youtube montages for shooters like Call of Duty, or just the way dubstep music has infected the soundtrack of every single thing related to video games, there’s something for everyone to like in this crazy parody video.  Heads up to viewers stuck at work, there’s a swear word in the video, so be careful.  NSFW!


If you’re one of the lucky people that can distinguish one dubstep song from the next and want to hear more, the music is “X Rated” by Excision.


Need something to play while you’re off of work for Christmas (or other winter holiday) vacation? Want about something for that long drive to your Aunt’s house? I suggest picking up Jetpack Joyride for free on your iOS device.

If you don’t already own it, you are missing out. It has been named one of the best portable games of this year by multiple sources. At first you might find it a little boring but once you start completing missions and unlocking new outfits and jetpacks, you’ll have a hard time putting this game down.

The old $0.99 price used to be a bargain but now that it’s free, you have no excuse not to own it.

Earth’s got porno stars and ice cream cones.

The Phenomenauts, also know as Earth’s bravest space band, are an indie rock band based out of Earth’s capital, Oakland California. Formed in 2000, the Phenomenauts gained notoriety when they squeaked their way onto the Warped Tour in 2003. Their music was such a hit with the fans that they were invited back the following two years. In 2005 they elected to instead tour with The Aquabats!, which is where I first saw them.

Much like Nerdcore Hip-Hop was invented by musicians such as MC Frontalot and mc chris, The Phenonenauts have branded their own style of music, Rocket Roll, with a majority of their lyrics pertaining to science fiction.

Of their three full length albums, I recommend checking out Re-Entry. There are a few good tracks on Rockets and Robots as well. Earth is the Best and Progress vs. Pettiness would be a couple solid tracks to listen to if you’re not into buying an entire album before hearing any of their music. Their music can also teach you a little. Earth is the Best is full of facts about the planets in the Solar System.


The Phenonenauts – Science And Honor

Direct Download Link

New Batman Movie trailer

Steam Holiday Sales
LEGO Batman 2 coming soon, maybe with other DC characters
Rayman Origins only sells 50,000 in debut month
Nintendo patches Skyward Sword bug in a goofy way
Skyrim #1 UK game – first non-EA/Activision since GTA: VC in 2002

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Preview of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC map "Park"

This is our first peek at the upcoming DLC map "Park."

Call of Duty Elite subscribers eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare 3 DLC finally learned when they’ll get their first content update.  It’s coming January 24th on Xbox 360.  It’s important to notice that they were specific about that date just being on Xbox Live.  They’ve promised more details as we get into January but haven’t mentioned Playstation 3 or PC dates yet.  With DLC for previous Call of Duty games, the content came to PS3 around a month after Xbox, then PC even later.  If PS3 and PC Modern Warfare 3 players have to wait until February to finally get new stuff from their paid subscriptions, we’re probably going to see a lot of angry people.

So far, all we actually know is that the DLC will contain the map “Park,” pictured above.  They’ve mentioned the DLC will feature multiplayer content, Spec Ops missions and more.  While not confirmed, it’s pretty likely Park will function as a multiplayer map and co-op Spec Ops survival mode mission at the very least.

In addition to the new content, January will finally give us the Call of Duty Elite Android and iOS smartphone apps.  These apps will let players check their game stats, maps and more on the go.

It’s unfortunate we’ve had to wait so long for more functionality from the paid Elite subscriptions but at least players will finally get the new features.  We’ll learn more about what’s coming when Infinity Ward and Activision release details in January.

Late last night my phone let me know I had an update to one of my favorite iOS games, Where’s My Water?. The update adds 20 more levels and adds a new gameplay element, balloons.

Balloons can be filled with any of the fluid types and allows water to travel over small gaps and past moss. I really love that they are frequently adding content to a game that only costs 99 cents. The game was released around September and they’ve added 20 more levels three times. Talk about bang for your buck.

Where’s My Water is available for both iOS and Android and could easily be worth more then $.99.

New Twisted Metal PS3 Mr. Grimm Trailer

Posted: December 17, 2011 by Matt Nawrocki in Gaming, News
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Twisted Metal PS3 2012 logo

It’s been a long wait but we’re finally getting close to the release of Twisted Metal for Playstation 3.  A planned October 2011 release date turned into February 14, 2012 after a delay, but this new trailer should help the time pass.