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DC Universe Online’s second expansion is scheduled to be released on December 6th, adding lightning powers to the mix and the Flash’s Central City.  It looks like players are going to get more to explore than Metropolis and Gotham with this expansion by adding new bounties and being able to witness the origin of  the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen.

For all you free players, the price of entry is $9.99.  Legendary players get the expansion free as part of their monthly subscription.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this pack since it was announced.  I never really like playing a healer in MMOs but DCUO has found a way to make other classes than tank and damage dealers more exciting.  I’m definitely looking forward to trying out some lightning powers, but at the same time I know it will never measure up to what you get in Infamous.  Also, I’m taking a “believe it when I see it” attitude to the release date.  DCUO has been known for releasing content updates late with seasonal activities comically out of season.



Christopher Nolan has done an interview with Empire, spilling a few secrets on the Dark Knight Rises and some details about Bane.  Nolan’s interpretation of Venom isn’t as surprising to me as much as this movie taking place 8 YEARS AFTER the Dark Knight.  It explains some of the tech seen like the flyer that resembles the Tumbler seen in some of the filming shots, but I can’t help but feel a bit cheated that we don’t get to see the immediate fallout of the ending of the Dark Knight.  For more on the interview check it out here.