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The Preferred Nerd – MiniCast 1

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Caustic Soda – The Podcast


Macho Man Descends for the Great Turnbuckle in the Sky

Posted: January 9, 2012 by ashchristians in Uncategorized

…to rain destruction in Skyrim!  It seems after dying to save us from the Rapture, Macho Man Randy Savage has gone on to be reborn as a dragon.  I’ve been seeing some pretty cool mods for Skyrim, including a Thundercats one, but this one is definitely a little darling for me.  I only hope he delivers a flying elbow when he lands on a giant.  Feel free to pick this mod up if you are so inclined.

Are you ready to survive plants?

Only a few days ago did we learn that famed Sony development studio Naughty Dog was the one behind The Last of Us but now more details are starting to emerge from a press release and blog post on Naughty Dog’s own site.  It’s looking less and less like the “zombie” game all the rumors made it out to be.  It looks to be one part I Am Alive, one part Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West, and one part survival horror.  If anybody’s keeping score out there, I’m going to give myself credit for calling this one on the whole “nature reclaims civilization” thing.

Perhaps one of the best pieces of information to come out of the trailer is the continued dedication to story and character that Naughty Dog has been known for.  The inclusion of Ashley Johnson as the voice for one of the main characters was a sigh of relief that the studio was applying what it had learned from the Uncharted series.  I’m just a bit saddened not to hear Nolan North’s voice from the male lead, but then again there’s a ton of stuff out there with him already.

Get ready to fear plants like you did after seeing the Ruins because The Last of Us is looking to be an experience we won’t soon forget.

Mincraft LEGO Sets Could Be Coming

Posted: December 5, 2011 by Matt Nawrocki in Uncategorized
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Minecraft PC game LEGO texture pack

This Minecraft LEGO texture pack may be a preview of a real product.

In a story that just makes too much sense to not happen, developer Mojang is talking with the Danish toy company about creating an official Minecraft LEGO set based on the PC game.  Minecraft’s gameplay, featuring heavy customization and creative structure building, scratches the itch players developed playing with the toy blocks as children.  PC players even created a texture pack that makes the game’s entire landscape look exactly like it was made from LEGOs.

Fans that want their voice heard can help out with the project.  In addition to their own talks with LEGO, Mojang’s using a website called Cuusoo to show the toymaker how much demand there is for the set.  On Cuusoo, people post their own ideas for sets and the ones that get 10,000 votes are presented directly to LEGO.  Fans can visit Mojang’s page to vote for the Minecraft LEGO set.

Considering all they’d need to do is take LEGO sets they’re already making and put the Minecraft name on the box, the idea seems like a no-brainer.  It’s practically a license to print money.  The sets could make a great tie in for the Minecraft Xbox 360 release.  What nerd wouldn’t want an official video game set of the blocks sitting on their office desk?

Music Spotlight – Ceann

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You’re the worst pirate, the worst pirate in the world. ‘Cause you’re a girl.

Pronounced “Key-Anne”, this American, Celtic rock group may first be confused for simply drinking music, but when you spend more time with their music you find some hidden nerdy subjects in there as well.  Mostly focusing on drinking, they also expand into pirates, vikings, terrorists and relationships of all kinds.I first became interested in Ceann back in the later days of MySpace. They requested my friendship based on some of the bands I was interested in, such as Cake, They Might Be Giants and The Barenaked Ladies.

Unfortunately for any new fans, the band is no longer together. On February 1, 2011, lead singer Patrick Halloran was killed in a car accident in Vermont and their website, now goes to a placeholder link.

If you’re interested in checking them out, I would recommend the songs: Pretty on the Inside, McGranahan’s Wife and Star of the County Down. They have three albums; Making Friends, Almost Irish and Rave, Rant, Lose Pants. Their later stuff, Making Friends, is a little better then the earlier albums.

That’s right, this is a lost episode. Due to audio problems there will not be an episode 7.

Check back the week after Thanksgiving for episode 8.

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