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As the old saying goes…

Posted: October 28, 2011 by Matt Nawrocki in Funny
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Funny Mario

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Battlefield 3 review fiasco
GunLord – new run-and-gun game for… Dreamcast and Neo Geo
Harmonix taking Rock Band in a new direction

This week’s new releases:
Battlefield 3
Kirby – Return to Dreamland
Infamous 2:  Festival of Blood
Kinect Sports – Season Two

Discussion Topic:
Next Week’s Topic: How do you feel nerds are being portrayed on TV and in the media?
For example: The Big Bang Theory.
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What we did:
Ryan: WoW new druid, Forza 4 freezing, where’s my water new levels, john oliver’s new york stand up show
Matt:  New Xbox Dashboard (maybe, maybe not), Walking Dead
Ash:  Psych, Community

How Romantic

Posted: October 26, 2011 by Matt Nawrocki in Funny
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Tekken Yoshimitsu


Posted: October 24, 2011 by Matt Nawrocki in News
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Super Meat BoyNo, we didn’t sell out and take PETA’s cold hard cash to denounce Super Meat Boy for the inclusion of meat and no, we didn’t sell out and take Mad Catz cold hard cash to hide the fact that their controllers break so much easier than first-party controllers when you throw them at the wall in frustration when playing hard games.

The reason you shouldn’t buy it is actually that the game’s going on sale in Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the next month.  No word yet on when or what the exact price is, but if you’ve waited this long, a few more weeks won’t kill you.

It’s part of a celebration for the game’s one year anniversary.  As part of the celebration, developer Team Meat is having a Halloween costume contest.  Dress up as something Super Meat Boy-related, take a picture, send it to their Twitter and you could win all three Super Meat Boy comic books for free.  They just gave you the Halloween costume idea you were looking for and a chance to win free stuff, not too bad!

Fed Up With Xbox

Posted: October 23, 2011 by diablo343 in Editorial
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I have been a long time supporter of Microsoft consoles, ever since I got my original Xbox, but I’m beginning to reconsider.  I’m currently on my third 360, the first had a RRoD that was repaired for free by Microsoft, the second was sidelined by disc read errors. Through all three systems, all old body style, I have had trouble with games randomly not loading or freezing.

Every version of Madden from 08 through 12 has had freezing issues. I will get deep into a season or career and randomly the console will freeze up while loading the menus after a game. Before my disc drive went on my second system, I had trouble loading the game Race Pro. I would have to turn my console on, let it sit for 10-15 minutes to warm up, then load the game. If I tried before that, I would get a disc read error. A few months ago I received Dead Rising 2 from GameFly and the game would not load. At all. I had to return it without even playing it because it would give me disc read errors. Then there was Fable 3. Where I got about 5 hours in and suddenly there was no dialog.  Every person I tried to talk to in game would result in nothing. No audio, no captions, nothing. In other words, I no longer could play it. Now I’m having freezing problems with Forza 4. I bought Forza 4 on Friday and every time I run a race at Laguna Seca, the game freezes as soon as I hit my breaks going into the first corner. So I skipped that race and went to another track and was able to play for a while again. Then eventually I got to another track that started freezing.

I’m sure not all of these problems are due to my consoles. You can scroll through page after page of forum posts about Madden’s freezing issues, and the Fable 3 audio bug is well known, but Fable and Forza are both Microsoft Studios games. These games should have the least problems or at least have their problems fixed the fastest.

Do I dare buy a 360s? And take the chance of spending $200-300 on a new console that might do the same thing?

All I know is I own a PS3, and if given the option, I’ll buy a game on the PS3 before I buy it for 360. I haven’t had any problems with loading, freezing or anything of that nature on my Sony system. Sometimes it only takes a lax in quality to make a longtime supporter to reconsider his allegiance.

(The opinions expressed here are not the opinions of the entire The Preferred Nerd staff)

Give this a try.


DISCLAIMER:  I’m not taking any of the blame if this makes you poop.

GTA3 on iOS
Amazing Spider-Man movie game coming only 9 months after the Spider-Man game that just came out
New Saints Row: The Third trailer
Infamous 2: Festival of Blood releases next week for only $10!
New Skyward Sword trailers
Mojang vs. Bethesda legal battle over Scrolls
Soul Caliber 5 screens
Nintendo’s online press conference for the 3DS
The Walking Dead premiere – highest ratings for a drama in cable TV history
DC Universe Online goes free to play this week.
Project Zomboid fiasco

This week’s new releases:
Batman Arkham City
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

Discussion Topic:
Next Week’s Topic: Best and worst DLC

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island
Left 4 Dead
Rock Band (green day pack)
Little Big Planet

Street Fighter Costume Packs
Beautiful Katamari
Oblivion’s Horse Armor
Skate 2 Time is Money Pack

Next Week’s – New consoles are being developed, but are they needed?

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What we did:
Ryan: WoW Hollow’s End, Altitude, Breaking Bad,
Matt: American Horror Story, The Last Exorcism
Ash: Psych! Life